4 Marketing Strategy Principles

Similar to lectures and speaking engagements, webinars require you to be entertaining, comfortable, and engaging in order to be persuasive and make sales. That’s why if you choose to get in front of your target market using a tradeshow, you must be visible. If your business serves a techie crowd, this may be very effective for you. The most popular versions of this utilize mobile apps that deliver text messages which contain offers based on the proximity of the consumer to the business. Testimonials and case studies are probably your most effective form of secondary media.

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They are similar to webinars in that they are a form of secondary media which actually does the selling. You should use every opportunity at your special events to entertain, educate, and inform your prospects or leads and tell them why they should do business with you and your company. However, due to the length of time it takes to build your list of followers, you will develop the skills you need. Social media is used as a primary and secondary media that is inexpensive to implement quickly. The best examples are the major brands like Procter & Gamble.

Marketing Strategy

The Google Display Network reaches 90% of people on the Internet. With the display network, websites join Google AdSense and provide advertising space. Businesses who want to invest in the GDN can then place their banner ads on relevant sites all over the web. With each click received on the links or banners, Google directly charges the business registered on the Ads platform. All the work is done in Google Ads, the best-known tool to create campaigns and track results.

Without this information, strategies are often under-resourced or simply not feasible because they are not based in reality. If you are an electrician, plumber, or garage door installer, you might need to be in the Yellow Pages in order to get business from consumers who have emergencies. Yellow Pages are a form of primary media that only work for specific types of companies now – specifically home services companies. It doesn’t require a lot of skill to create attractive window displays and they can be done at minimal cost. While websites can be developed to make it easy for administrative personnel to update them, they still require some specialized knowledge to achieve the result most people want. The website can perform in the primary and secondary media role. You can record each webinar, and the recordings can become a future product.

To achieve success using television commercials you can either frequently advertise during a specific show your target market is interested in, or develop infomercials. They are a primary advertising media which require a lot of preparation and forethought, and utilize the talents of many skilled individuals. Most companies no longer have receptionists who greet people walking through the door or operators who direct your call. First, it is pure market research; it is your opportunity to find out everything you can about your market. For example, let’s say you want to know how people choose a plumber, and you identify three questions that you would like to know how people respond to. They are effective in the long term, as they are ideally suited for building brand recognition and community awareness. The purpose of the primary media is to drive traffic to the event.

Once they’re in consideration stage, retargeting ads on Facebook could remind them of your offerings. Then maybe they finally convert after searching for your brand and clicking on a PPC ad. A wise person once said, “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. ” Try your best to paint a clear picture that’s based in reality. There are tons of positives when it comes to collaborating with others. We’re a group of marketers, thinkers, creatives, developers, and more.

On the other hand, sometimes employees are so close to their company that they cannot identify the challenge they are facing. Even though they can’t put their finger on the problem, they know it exists because their sales show it. The bear below has the same goal of catching fish and the same tactic of opening his mouth, but this one lacks a strategy. His tactic is to open his mouth, and his strategy is to stand where the fish are jumping. When you have a strategy and a tactic, you will achieve your goal. If you are, then you’ll most likely employ the “seller-doer” model in which you are the brand—selling your hands-on expertise and its value, while building a personal rapport and trust with the client. We’ve found that answering questions like these will give you real insight into what is both possible and practical.


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