20 Business Design Examples

A flight search aggregator, this site advertises numerous airlines. They also show how you can scale up this business model and achieve the profitability dream. The main principle is providing a product that your target audience will use, and to maximize your online business’ profitability – charge them for a membership. A great example of digital products done right is Nathan Liao’s CMA Exam Academy. There’s a lot of content on becoming a Certified Management Accountant and passing the CMA exam.

You can have a great business idea, but it’s important to find the audience for your product or service. If you want to see a great example of an affiliate business model done right, you don’t have to look any further than Skyscanner.

Your stagnating sales are not caused by your lack of traffic or terrible copywriting. The issue is that you haven’t chosen the perfect business model, yet. With mixed emotions, California salon owners speak out on how their state’s latest shutdown mandate is impacting their businesses at the busiest time of the year. It’s naturally easier designing a new location to accommodate this new salon model, but it will work for a number of salons that can convert their existing salon to the new business model thinking.

In addition, many VARs have tied their fates to one or two vendors. What happens when that vendor goes out of business and your line card disappears? It’s time to build or strengthen your book of business with monthly recurring revenue. Having a YouTube channel is another way of promoting your online business through content. This is great if you’re selling a visual product/service, but keep in mind that there’s a lot of competition and you need to stand out with useful videos.

We have all heard the common phrase, “Don’t rest on your laurels. ” Essentially, resting on your laurels means you are being complacent in your mindset and business model. You may be unwilling to change your mindset because you fear what the change could cause. In some cases, the salon owner’s haircolor and retail buying power will be a benefit to each individual business. All individuals will have a facility to lock away all of their own color products. In addition, the grass isn’t always greener for service providers who made the leap to suites. There are also many challenges for individuals that have moved from a commission salon, to owning their own independent business. Most have a lack of business acumen, little marketing knowledge, no ongoing training, have shortfall in finance, and feel isolated.

New Business Model

Not only does MRR allow you to rest easy knowing that expenses are covered, long contracts ensure you don’t have to worry for months or even years. As we’ll discuss, the changes are complex and require quite a bit of work. Additionally, unless you are flush with cash reserves, making such a dramatic change would create significant cash flow challenges for you. The most prudent approach for established VARs is to adopt a hybrid model to ease into offering recurring revenue-based solutions alongside traditional sales.