17 Ways You May Generate Income Right Now

A common pattern that is pretty good for not making money is to work harder if what you’re doing isn’t working. And, there’s no traffic because you didn’t create value for a tribe of raving fans, and you tried to take, before you give. It might seem like such a little difference, but it’s a world of difference online between somebody searching to browse and searching to buy. In fact, a great way to make this strategy even more effective at not making money is to combine it with doing something you’re no good at. Constantly checking your stats is a great way to both avoid making money, and to help you feel depressed.

At some point I’ll share a cornucopia of strategies and strategies that are effective regarding making money by generating value. Steve Pavlina (StevePavlina. com) – Steve Pavlina shares his approach to be able to online success in different posts.

In the event you dig a new bit, you can see how his story unfolded, and learn his mindset, strategies and tactics for monetizing his site over the years. Michael Hyatt (MichaelHyatt. com) – Michael Hyatt focuses on building your blog as your platform to market more effectively and to amplify your impact. The beauty of this approach for avoiding making money is how quiet, quick, and painless it is …until it’s too late. Unless you’re a fast follower, this is a pretty good way to not make money. If you spend more time caught up in day to day operations, you’ll gradually spend less and less time in creating customer value.

Your North Star is improving value up, bringing costs down, and reducing risk along the way, while accelerating time to market. Dr. Edwards Deming taught us that business is really a game of continuous improvement. If you want to avoid making money, then it’s pretty easy.

Make Money Online

But, you don’t know that, because you didn’t even test your idea. You didn’t do any simple testing on the Web to see if there’s anybody wanting to buy, what you want to sell. Some people spend years in a niche, hoping they’ll some day catch fire and rise to the top. A great way to avoid making any money is to compete in a niche where you stagnate on the bottom. If the answer is “nothing”, then there’s a really good chance that you don’t have a business.

Follow the money works, unless you follow the money to do it for the money. It can be just as effective as follow your passion to help you avoid making money. The monetization models are all around you, and you can learn from people that are actually making a living on the Internet. If you want money for nothing, and your checks for free, then a better bet might be to look for a genie in a bottle. If you’re not a marketer, and don’t plan to learn how to be one, or partner with one, then you have a perfectly good strategy to avoid making any money.

If you want to avoid making money, then press your luck, and get greedy. Karma does pay backs, so if you want to be on the receiving end in a monetary way, then be sure to pay it forward, and flow as much value as you possible can. A great way to not make money is to overpromise and under deliver. In a world of word-of-mouth marketing and social connection, a tribe of raving fans will make or break your business. And hopefully, you found a way to grow a tribe of customers you love to serve, and you continue to grow your tribe of raving fans. On the other hand, if you’re just trying to monetize your hobby because it’s convenient, then, not only will you not make money, but you might even kill your passion for your hobby. Making money is a numbers game and if you want to be in it for the long haul, you need to make it a passion play.